My roles

Contrary to popular belief. I do not just live the dream out here in Kauai. As a Ywam Staff member we have a full schedule, sun up to sun down just about everyday. It is my honor to serve this organization and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. We as staff are required to attend pretty much everything, including lectures everyday. When we are not in class we have various activities, outreaches and tasks around the base that we do. Here are a few of the things I am responsible for.



I have the privilege to lead Evangelism. What this contains is teaching our students the proper way to go out into the community and share the love of christ with people. We take time out of the week every other week to go out and talk to people, pray for them, and just encourage and share the gospel with them. I spend time in prayer and planning where I feel the lord is guiding us to go talk to people.


MAintenance Man

Whether it’s a broken toilet, a busted window, a leak in the ceiling, I am responsible for taking the time to fix it. Whatever needs to be fixed or maintained around the base I am the one to go to. 


One on One leader

One of the most important things during a DTS is one on ones, what this consists of is each student is paired up with a staff member. That staff member pours into that student in a way that is deeper than just surface level. It is a way the staff disciples the students by spending intentional time with them, bearing there burdens, praying for and encouraging them. Doing life with them. We take several hours a week to set into our busy schedule to build those relationships.


Social Media & website Designer

It is really fun for me to design things and help give my input on things, one thing is our website that we have for Ywam Kauai, I was blessed with the opportunity to create that. It is my job to maintain the website and keep it up to date. I am also part of our social media team, keeping followers of our organization up to date on what all is happening in and through our school.

Yard Man

As an organization we believe in serving. We are stewards of what God has given us. Each week we partake in work duties around our base. One of the work duties is the Yards of both houses we own here at YWAM Kauai. I am in charge of making sure the yards are well maintained and all the plants are being taken care of.



Small Group Leader

We spend several hours a week doing small groups. Its a way for us staff to lead discussion style groups and talk through with the students what they have been learning throughout the week in lectures. We as leaders plan the questions and how the group is going to be organized for that day.


Community Outreach Leader

Twice a week we do community outreach. One of those times is on Monday afternoon where I take a group of students to the high school gym where we hang out with high schoolers after school, play games with them. Talk story and build relationships. Another community outreach I help lead is on Friday mornings and we go to a local farm where we help out in anyway we can. We are blessed to serve an amazing family at that farm where they not only help us serve but teach us so much while doing so.


Brother & Friend, and role Model

Above all my other roles, this is the most important one to me. My. goal is to be present in the lives of the students that come through YWAM Kauai. To be intentional with them, to encourage them, to walk side by side with them in this life all while pointing them to Jesus.