Fall 2018


 Fall 2018 DTS

Sarah Traub


“My time with YWAM Kauai was life changing. We spent three months learning about God. This was done through many different topics, these included the Holy Spirit, hearing God’s voice, Missions, God’s character, worship, and many others. Through these topics we saw His heart for His people and we were reminded of God’s great rescue story for us. This was a time in my life that changed me. I went through a hard time while I was at YWAM. Yet, I felt God’s love and peace overwhelm me through His word, through those around me, and through the Holy Spirit. I knew God was in my life, that He’s walking beside me every step of the way AND he is walking behind me to catch me if I fall AND He is walking in front of me, Guiding me every step of the way. I realized God’s goodness. This truth was firm in heart when we went to Papua New Guinea. As we saw people who were broken, sick, impoverished, diseased, possessed, oppressed, etc., I was reminded that God is good through it all. He knows our limits, He knows what we need to go through to come out stronger on the other side - situations that will make our faith in Him even stronger. I prayed for countless women who were in abusive relationships. I prayed for so many who were in pain and had sickness coursing through their bodies. some days I didn’t understand what God was doing. But I would pray over these people that God is good. That He sees their situations and is in control. He is working all things together for good because He is a good god and He loves us. He cares for us. There’s nothing He can’t do. There’s nothing He doesn’t have power over. He is all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-around us. He is in every situation, in the big decisions, in the small everyday details. He is in our grief and He is in our joy. I saw this truth in the faces of those in Papua New Guinea. I saw this in the actions of my teammates. I saw this in the hospitality of our contacts. God is here. He is alive. And He is working.”

Hannah Land-Jones


“The first three months off my DTS (Discipleship Training Scheme with YWAM) were spent on the island of Kauai. It was a real time of healing, taking off all the junk and lies that the world had stuck on me and getting back to the core truth and original design of who He made me to be. I spent hours in the classroom learning about the Bible and what it means to live a true life of discipleship. He revealed gifts I never knew I had and as I went on an adventure in paradise, I learnt the freedom of being childlike again and how He wants us to enjoy this beautiful world He has given us.

Outreach in Papua New Guinea, was a whole other story. PNG is known as the ‘The Land of the unexpected’ and I can safely say my time spent in this nation certainly lived up to its title. This was ‘real life.’ Now it was time to put into the practice all I had leaned about who God is, and says He is, and really put my whole trust in Him. Do I really believe that God can heal the blind? Deliver people from strongholds? Transform a whole village in a week? Provide peace during the storms, and bring joy in the darkest of nights? I can confidently say I DO BELIEVE as we experienced Him do all of this and so much more!

Our ministry consisted of sharing teachings on varying topics, sharing the Gospel to crowds and then praying for people afterward, doing representative skits, discipleship, praying in hospitals, and even some counseling.”

Alex Kaplan


 Fall 2019


Fall DTS 2019

This Was the Discipleship Training school of 2019, This was my first school as a leader. We had an all girl school this year which was so unique, God did so many amazing things through these girls. Watching them grow over the course of six months into amazing women of God was truly an Honor.

The school theme for this school was Consecration.


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